Our first capsule is an invitation to travel.

Our goal was to create a gender neutral, fun and quirky collection.
Daring to use black is uncommon in children's decor, but we believe in the power of contrast!

Let's explore our world together.

The rugs

"Traveling" includes 5 different rugs.

From our Catstronaut (this first collection’s icon!) to our Planisphere and our Personalized Plane Ticket, each of them is a pretext to spark the imagination of children (or adults).

All our rugs are hand tufted and 100% made of wool.

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The posters

We also wanted to bring this theme to life through a series of posters: Catstronaut, flying saucer and typographic games will find their place in your child's universe.

By themselves or by combining them, your creativity is the only limit to create a unique decor.

All our posters are available in 2 formats and are printed in Belgium on high quality matte paper.
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The full capsule