Mini 29 is a Belgian design studio created by Géraldine Ménage & Tarek Okbir in 2021.

The Mini 29 project

Our goal: to offer a range of decorative products for children inspired by contemporary art.

We believe that a space filled with art will give your mini humans a creative start in life, allowing them to dream and awaken their imagination.

Our universe is resolutely gender neutral, fun and colorful. Our universe is resolutely mixed, fun and colorful. It doesn't take itself too seriously.
All our pieces are designed by us, and produced by handpicked partners.

About us:

  • Géraldine

    Passionate about sales since her first student jobs, it’s no surprise that Géraldine opened her first store for children in 2013. She never left this wonderful universe and continued to find the prettiest brands to sell online. Her ultimate dream is coming true today: imagining her own collections for children.
  • Tarek

    A Graphic Arts graduate, Tarek has spent the past 10 years shaping the artistic direction of some of the world's leading electronic music artists.
    Passionate about streetwear and contemporary art, it is with a good dose of quirkiness that he now draws catstronauts.
After 15 years together and the birth of our son, what was bound to happen, happened: we decided to join forces.

"Children's decor inspired by contemporary art"

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